What’s next? Stocking the sand traps with rattlesnakes?

When it comes to golf resorts, the most dangerous thing about them tends to be whether or not your bank account can actually handle dinner at the clubhouse. That said, the Carbrook Golf Club down in Australia sounds like something out of a James Bond movie: it currently has some man-eating livestock hanging out next to the green.

It turns out that a group of bullsharks are living in a water hazard on the 14th tee. The sharks wound up visiting the course a couple of years ago, after a river broke its banks and flooded the course. some of the sharks managed to get stuck in the hazard when the floodwaters receded; the sharks have managed to thrive in the environment and even breed.

Speaking to Sky News, the club’s general manager Scott Wagstaff explained, “There’s no drama, it’s become a positive thing for the golf course. They are amazing. I’ve become a shark lover since working here … I’m sure they are aggressive when you are in the water but when you are out here feeding them they are beautiful to watch.”

Unfortunately, the sharks don’t terrorize course visitors. In fact, golfers reportedly like to pause their game and watch for fins breaking the surface. There’s even a monthly tournament themed around the toothy residents called “Shark Lake Challenge.” Nobody’s admitting to this, but I like to believe that tournament’s winner gets to toss an unlucky tourist into the lake while holding a bucket of chum.

Source: Yahoo News

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