Gamers around the world never found out how the ambitious Shenmue saga was meant to end – but creator Yu Suzuki thinks the world ought to know.

Fans of Shenmue – Ryo Hazuki’s epic tale of crime and revenge – have been waiting a decade since 2001’s Shenmue II to find out how the story ended. It doesn’t help that Sega teased a followup to the adventure series, but it turned out to simply be a social game, Shenmue City.

It’s been long enough, hasn’t it? Comedy team Mega64 caught up with Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki and asked him to reveal all: How, they asked, was Shenmue originally planned to end?

Surprisingly, he told them. It’s an epic tale of hoverboards, shotgun arms and forklift races, to be sure. It’s a sad thing that such an epic ending never made it into the hands of gamers everywhere, but at least now we can finally have closure.

In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s all a joke, of course. Serious props to Mr. Suzuki for saying all of that with a straight face. We still may not know how Shenmue was going to end, but at least we all got to see Cliff Bleszinski as a hippie being set on fire. And you know what? I think that makes it worth it.


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