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Should I Sell or Salvage Loot in the Beginning of Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 sell or salvage loot

Diablo 4 by Blizzard Entertainment is a game that revolves around loot, gear progression, and finding the right Unique gear to make amazing endgame builds that are super fun to play. Early on in Diablo 4 however, as you’re starting out and leveling through the main campaign, pretty much all of that loot and gear doesn’t matter and is highly replaceable, so what should you do with it? Should you sell or salvage your early game loot in Diablo 4?

What to do With Your Gear While Leveling: to Sell or Salvage?

The best thing to do with gear in DIablo 4 while you’re leveling and playing through the main story is to simply change out any gear you get for new gear with the green arrow indicating that the stats are an improvement for your character. Don’t worry about specific items or even Uniques if you get them at this point of the game — your level will be constantly increasing and therefore loot you find will be constantly improving as well. 

What you should do with gear you don’t need is to pick it up and once your inventory is full take it to the nearest Blacksmith in a town and salvage all of it. The other option is to sell it for gold, but you really don’t get that much gold for selling it to a vendor and you’ll constantly get gold drops from monsters as well as various other sources. What you don’t get lots of for free are the crafting materials you get from salvaging gear.

The materials you get from salvaging are crucial to upgrade and craft new gear, all of which you’ll be wanting to do a lot of after you reach the level cap in Diablo 4 and start getting ahold of the ability to obtain much, much better gear. So until that point, you’re best to keep salvaging whatever you don’t need, and saving those materials to use later on in the game. 

If you find a bunch of gems, you should use what you need to and then store the rest in your stash for later on as you’ll need lots of gems to upgrade them into powerful ones in the end game to really pull your build together. If you also have some Unique items that you received early on and are now way below your level, you can salvage those too for materials. Don’t worry, you’ll be finding a lot more of them once you hit the level cap and enter higher difficulties where the loot really starts to scale in Diablo 4.

That’s all you need to know about whether you should sell your loot for gold or salvage it for materials as you play through the campaign and level up in Diablo 4.


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