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Should You Recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield?

If you've been wondering how to recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield, and whether you even should, we have your answers.

Starfield has a whole host of NPCs for you to recruit as you make your way around the galaxy. But what about the leader of Constellation, the organisation seeking answers to life, the universe and everything? If you’re wondering should you recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield, here’s the answer.

Here’s How to Recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield

When it comes to recruiting Sarah Morgan, if you intend to tackle Starfield‘s main quest, you don’t have a choice. More or less the moment you meet her, she’ll give a quest which she insists on being present for. Once you’ve completed that quest and got another chunk of artifact you can part company with her but she’s absolutely worth keeping around. She’s a romance option, yes, but she’s also got some useful skills. Her stats are as follows:

  • Astrodynamics – 4 Stars
  • Lasers – 3 Stars
  • Leadership – 2 Stars
  • Botany – 1 Star

She’s handy with a laser weapon but her Astrodynamics skill is also a great reason to bring her along for the ride, even if she stays on your ship. It’ll halve the amount of fuel your Grav Drive uses which will, in turn, let you make longer jumps. And if you want to know how to keep Sarah on your ship, here’s how.

So the answer to should you recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield is a definite yes.

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