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Signalis Is a Rad PS1-Feeling ‘Retrotech’ Survival Horror Game

Signalis gameplay trailer retrotech survival horror game rose-engine Humble Games PS1 visuals

Publisher Humble Games and developer rose-engine have shared a gameplay trailer for Signalis, a retro survival horror game in development for PC. The game primarily uses pixel art, but the animation and the camera angles unexpectedly evoke PlayStation 1 games like the original Resident Evil and even Metal Gear Solid. It looks pretty slick, and screen filters sometimes make it feel like the game is running on an old CRT screen. Perhaps that’s why the game is described as having “surreal retrotech worlds.”

And surreal is the right word, because the Signalis gameplay trailer raises a lot of questions and answers zero of them. Your guess of what’s going on is as good as anyone else’s. You are a technician “Replika” named Elster who is searching for her “dreams,” which have somehow been lost. The quest to retrieve them will involve psychological horror, cosmic horror, and an atmosphere informed by the Cold War.

Signalis has no release window and no confirmed platforms beyond Steam, so stay tuned for more updates. Meanwhile, Humble Games announced or provided updates on several upcoming titles today. We’ve covered the major highlights, with Signalis, role-playing musical Stray Gods, and co-op 3D heist sequel Monaco 2. There are plenty of cool indie games on the way right now.

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