The Silent Hill movie is getting a sequel, regardless of what gamers have to say about it.

The Silent Hill movie is pretty divisive; critics hated it, but movie-goers seemed to enjoy it a great deal, so much so that a sequel was green lit. That sequel is now ready to start shooting, and producer Don Carmody said that it’s getting made whether gamers like it or not.

“We have always been cognizant of that — we can’t make the movies just for gamers,” Carmody said. “Of course, we always run the risk of incurring the wrath of the gamers — who are very vocal. I did Silent Hill and we are planning a Silent Hill 2 — we were getting hate mail for that one.”

Carmody does have a point, as popular as gaming is; it’s too small an audience for a big Hollywood blockbuster. When millions of dollars are at stake, making the film appeal to a wider audience is vital, and while we might not like the idea, it’s not about to change any time soon.

Source: 1up

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