Phil Lord and Chris Miller are executive producers on a live-action Silk TV series in the Spider-Man universe, potentially going to Amazon.

Rumors of a Silk movie have long been bouncing around as Sony has tried to build-up its Spiderverse through a series of villainous films and female heroes, but it turns out that a movie is not in the works. Instead, Sony is eyeing television for Silk, being in talks with Lauren Moon to write a live-action series with Phil Lord and Chris Miller executive producing. The pair signed a long-term deal with Sony in part to help produce Spidey content, and this is the first one under that partnership.

Variety reports that a green light for the show is “more than likely.” There isn’t a home for it currently, but Amazon is supposedly in talks for not just this series, but a host of Marvel/Sony Spider-Man characters in much the same way that Disney+ is home to the majority of MCU shows now. Sony’s Spider-Man movies, including Venom, are currently on a mess of streaming platforms, so having Amazon be a home to future content would at least give fans a single place to go to watch.

Silk’s alter ego is Cindy Moon, a Korean American who was bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker. She gains Spider-Man-like powers but with a few differences, like webs shooting out of her fingers and an altered Spider Sense. The character was already introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it’s unclear if the actress who played her, Tiffany Espensen, will return for this series.

The live-action series will be connected to Sony’s increasingly growing Spider-Man cinematic universe, even if most of that universe only exists at the moment in future productions. In fact, the only film released in it is Venom thanks to the delay of Morbius. Still, Sony has a lot of plans, including a Madame Web filmKraven the Hunter movie, rumors of a Black Cat movie, and more.

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