Konami may decide to skip a European release of the controversial Six Days in Fallujah, depending on how developer Atomic Games portrays the violence in the game.

At Konami’s recent Gamer’s Day in Frankfurt, a Konami Europe representative told that a decision on the game’s future in Europe had yet to be made, and would depend on how the in-game action and violence is portrayed. The subject matter is extremely sensitive and Konami appears to be concerned about the potential reaction if the game is seen as glorifying or trivializing the battle.

The unreleased game has come under fire from numerous groups but has also received support from some veterans of the Iraq war, but as our own Keane Ng reports, a trailer Konami showed off to game journalists didn’t lend much credence to the publisher’s claim that the game will be a realistic, documentary-style presentation of the war. If Komani decides that Six Days in Fallujah is too much videogame and not enough relevant social commentary, it sounds very likely that it will find itself limited to a North American release, where audiences are inherently more sympathetic to the soldiers on the ground and, presumably, receptive to a videogame built in their experiences.

via: Destructoid

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