Moving one step closer to making the Nintendo Phone a reality, Skype has said that a DSi version of its popular online communication tool is technically possible.

Popular internet voice chat application Skype seems like the perfect fit for Nintendo’s newest incarnation of its popular handheld, the DSi. Unlike its predecessor, the DSi has the power to download and run software, which would make it potentially possible for you to take Skype breaks to chat with your pal Alejandro in Mexico City in between Rhythm Heaven sections.

“Whilst we can’t comment on any future plans to bring Skype to Nintendo’s DSi, it would technically be possible,” a Skype rep told TechRadar.

Skype’s company line is that they want to bring the application to as wherever people would want it, and they’ve done just that – the application has appeared on the PSP, iPhone/iPod Touch. The Skype motto, they say, is “extending the Skype infrastructure and platform to bring Skype functionality wherever, whenever, and on whatever device or site people choose to use it.”

That might be want Skype wants to do, but Nintendo may not be completely sold on the idea. “We have no plans to release a Skype application for Nintendo DS or DSi,” the company told CVG. Well, if they ever do make plans, and I don’t think it would be unwise for them to do so, Skype could be ready to make it happen.

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