Skyrim’s “arrow in the knee” meme makes the jump from the internet to some lady’s leg.

You can tell your infuriating internet meme has made the big leagues when impressionable types start branding themselves with it. The leg you see to the right, complete with the cartoonish arrow, belongs to tattoo artist Nikkisny. The pic was originally found on website FunnyJunk, along with an amusingly combative essay from Nikkisny:

I have a lot of silly tattoos along with tattoos that mean a lot to me. I am a professional tattoo artist and plan on being heavily covered. So I do NOT need to hear people bitching about how I’ll ‘regret it later’. I WON’T. I DO NOT REGRET ANY OF MY TATTOOS! I only live once so I’m doing what makes me happy.. whether you approve or not!

For those of you who have no idea what this “arrow in the knee” business is about – presumably because you’ve just emerged, bleary-eyed, from your stasis pods – it’s a reference to an oft-repeated sound bite from Bethesda’s Skyrim. For some reason, town guards – and by this I mean every town guard – will periodically inform the player that they too used to live a life of unfettered freedom and adventure, until their tomb-raiding career was cut tragically short by a crippling knee injury. Haha! You had to give up your dreams and settle for a life of endless drudgery because you were maimed! That’s funny.

Source: Funnyjunk

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