Skyrim Hi-Res Texture Pack Gets Huge Update


Bethesda has released a massive update to the free Skyrim High Resolution Texture Pack on Steam to include the recently-released DLC.

The Dragonborn DLC hit Steam yesterday, but today Bethesda released something possibly even more interesting: An update to the High Resolution Texture Pack that adds support for Dragonborn as well as the Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLC expansions.

The improved textures make the game look glorious, but the eye candy comes with a steep price tag. If you have the recommended system specs for Skyrim, you can just sit back down, mister, because that’s not going to cut it. You’ll need a bare minimum of a quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM and a DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with a minimum 1GB RAM, and odds are that if that’s all you’ve got, you’ll have at least a few struggles with performance.

On the upside, it’s free, which is pretty solid. It’s also exclusive to the PC, and more specifically to Steam, and it’s a beefy beast: The update to the latest version of the Skyrim hi-res texture pack is a whopping 4.7 GB in size. Got time for that? Then get it at Steam.

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