The mod is on par with any official Skyrim DLC, containing a new soundtrack, professional voice acting, and an entirely new zone.

Bethesda may be done with Skyrim, but thanks to the tireless efforts of the PC modding community, it doesn’t mean the Dragonborn’s journey has to end. Modder Alexander J. Velicky has just released his Falskaar mod, a massively ambitious project with content that’s on par with any of the official Skyrim DLC packs. The mod contains an entirely new land roughly 1/3 the size of the original Skyrim map, and boasts 20 – 30 hours of extra gameplay.

The mod has the player complete 26 quests, including a 9-quest-long main story, and 17 side quests. All of these quests are fully voiced, featuring professional and semi-professional voice actors. Composer Adamm Khuevr has produced 14 new songs for the mod, adding over 40 minutes of new music, including a new in-game bard with three unique songs.

Other features include new items, including new books, recipes, weapons and armor sets, two new spells and a new shout. The mod is also completely navmeshed, so you shouldn’t have any problem bringing your followers with you to Falskaar.

You only need the base version of Skyrim in order to install the mod. To install Falskaar, simply extract all items in the archive into your Skyrim/Data folder.

The scope of this mod is absolutely massive, and Velicky has been working tirelessly on it for over a year. The quests and the voice acting are so polished, you’d swear you were playing official Bethesda-sanctioned content. It’s stuff like this that makes me sad whenever I hear that future games won’t have mod support. Mods can really enhance the experience and breath life into games developers have long since abandoned.

Velicky says he made the mod because he love game design, and wants a job at Bethesda Game Studios as a level designer. If you’re reading this, Bethesda, give this man a job!

Source: Skyrim Nexus via Skyrim Mod Feature


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