Skyrim TMNT Mod Puts Your Hero in a Half-Shell


The Dragonborn gets a totally radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles makeover with a custom Skyrim mod.

If the end of Skyrim DLC has left a giant void in your life, this creative mod might be one way to fill it. Modder Higeyosi has created some new Daedric armor that can be made at any Skyrim forge, assuming you want your character to resemble a certain pizza-loving anthropomorphic reptile. That’s right; with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles custom armor, you can have Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, or Raphael exploring crypts and killing Draugr. Cowabunga, dudes.

Though the TMNT armor can be found in the Daedric category, players don’t need the related smithing perk to create it. You will need a dragon bone, dragon scales, and two leather straps, with a linen wrap for the mask; none of these are terribly hard to find lying around Skyrim, so it shouldn’t be long before humanoid turtles are just running amok.

If the full turtle armor is a little too green for you, you can also just put the shell on your character, which looks even more bizarre. There doesn’t seem to be an accompanying mod that lets you create pizza out of eldar cheese and bread, which seems like a missed opportunity. Still, this is a neat way to add something new to the aging Bethesda RPG, even if it is a bit creepy.

Source: Higeyosi via Destructoid

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