You’re on your own. No one to come for you. No one to help you. No one to hear you scream.

Slender: The Arrival, the exceptional, polished remake of the original freeware survival horror title, is coming to Steam October 28th. Were you thinking you might preorder? Not this time, meat sack; you’ll have to wait until the date to put your money down. But when you do, take consolation: you’ll be getting one of the premier horror titles of this generation. You can’t get it via the developer’s site any more either. Steam doesn’t list a price, but when Parsec was selling it, it went for $10 a pop.

You play as Lauren, and you’re looking for your lost friend Kate. Kate was last seen at her mother’s isolated home; perhaps you should start looking for her in those eerie woods behind the house. Or perhaps not. Perhaps you should just curl up on the floor and weep until the Slender Man finds you. It’s not the longest game you’ll ever play – powering through might take just an hour – but it will be a hell of a rush while you’re there.

And it arrived just in time for Halloween. Magic!

Source: Steam

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