Slot Machines To Touch More Than Your Wallets


3M Touch Systems will be showing off “innovative and practical” MicroTouch gaming products at the Global Gaming Exposition (G2E) in Las Vegas this week.

The same Minnesota company that brought us Post-It notes, Scortchguard and Thinsulate have collaborated with Immersion Corporation to produce LCD screens that touch you back.

With 3M’s MicroTouch screens and Immersion Corporation’s TouchSense technology, these screens can easily simulate the experience of pushing physical buttons, adding to the player’s sense of immersion. With visual, audio and tactical feedback, these touch screens increase button pressing accuracy. The screens can be programmed to provide a variety of click sensations, from light pulses to full push-back.

While this technology is currently being used primarily for larger and non-videogame purposes, the possibilities are quite promising for devices such the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and the Nintendo DS.

You can learn more about the technology behind the MicroTouch gaming systems at the 3M and Immersion websites.

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