Smite‘s New God Brings Love To The Arena


Hello Aphrodite! Are those doves? Not the face! Not the face!

Say hello to Smite‘s latest recruit: Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty. And also doves, kisses, and an almighty slap with a Back Off should you get a little closer than she likes. Those are some pretty fun looking moves in the trailer; but she needs a Soulmate to really make them sing. Any volunteers?

Aphrodite’s not much without her Soulmate, but a well-matched pair could really run the table. Heals, buffs, and stunning the enemy seems to be this mage-type’s forte; God help the team facing off against those doves and kisses, if all goes according to Aphrodite’s plan. Though you do have to feel a little sorry for that lovelorn Cyclops! Poor guy never catches a break.

Smite, Hi-Rez’s free to play brawler – currently in beta – is inspired by DotA, but takes things to the third person perspective, to get you right into the combat. Players choose from a selection of God types – Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Chinese and Norse are on the table at the moment – and take them to the battlefield for honor and glory. Aphrodite (Venus’) kid Cupid is already in the fight, bow at the ready; maybe it’s time for a take-your-son-to-work day.

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