This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.

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There’s still something about the title Sniper HUURH Ghost Warrior HUURH Contracts that irks me, all dry heaves aside. I always find it laughable when anyone refers to themselves as a “warrior” if they’ve never even had one battle axe lesson – or indeed if they collapse like an ineptly folded cootie catcher the moment they get into a direct fight with someone less than two hundred yards away. Without the Sniper part clarifying things, what would you assume Ghost Warrior was? I’m leaning towards either poorly translated martial arts film or an air freshener marketed towards men aged 18-35. I reviewed Sniper (HUURH) Ghost Warrior 3 and it was godawful. Like watching a Jason Bourne film where the costume department accidentally ordered everything two sizes too small and Jason Bourne spends every action scene in a dustbin growling with generic intensity about how his jockstrap pinches. Sniper (HUURH) Ghost Warrior (HUURH) Contracts One was an improvement in that it was a game like reading a slightly interesting magazine in a doctor’s waiting room as opposed to being like the ensuing botched colonoscopy. I covered it in my compilation review of games I couldn’t think of many interesting things to say about, but now the sequel’s getting its own review.

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