Sniper Update Coming For TF2


Medics, Pyros, Heavys and Scouts have had their turn at getting new toys from Valve’s Team Fortress 2 workshop. Now everyone’s favorite stunner shade sporting Australian, The Sniper, is up next.

Everyone else get to the back of the line – Valve’s giving some class update love to The Sniper in an upcoming patch. No details on what kind of new toys Valve will be equipping the machete-wielding Australian with yet, but here’s hoping for a huge knife so that you can have some “now this is a knife” moments in game. The update will come as part of what Valve is calling its largest TF2 patch yet, with “with multiple new maps and a bunch of gameplay tweaks.”

Sorry Soldiers, Engineers, Spies and Demomen, but you’ll have to wait another day to get upgrades to your arsenals. Actually I take that last part back, Demomen don’t even deserve a sorry. Actually I take the entire thing back, as all classes will be getting some form of update love: before Valve releases the Sniper update, it’ll put out another patch that will “include some new content for all classes.”

As for the eternally ignored TF2 Xbox 360 player base, well, Valve’s still working on getting all the new content to them. Apparently the hold up is being caused by the Xbox’s memory limits. TF2 was pushing that limit from the beginning, and now Valve’s wizards have to work extra hard to fit all the new stuff in on top of that. No estimate on when the new content will be released, but in the meantime they’ll be putting out an update to address the server cheating going on.

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