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A sequel may be in the works to Snow White and the Huntsman with Frank Darabont directing and Kristen Stewart’s role reduced.

Snow White and the Huntsman was one of those movies that wasn’t abjectly horrible but also didn’t exactly light up the film world with its vision of a darker more heroic take on the story of Snow White. In fact, more than a few who saw it (myself included) thought it had the potential to be just fine if it hadn’t been for actress Kristen Stewart who played the central character with all the passion and gusto of a moss-covered stone.

It would seem that Hollywood has caught onto that fact. According to recent reports, a sequel helmed by director Frank Darabont is currently in the works that would focus more closely on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman while minimizing Stewart’s Snow White, or even removing her altogether. If Stewart did return for a second film, it’s been posited that she would only be the subject of a few brief scenes or even just a cameo. Charlize Theron, meanwhile, is expected to return to her role as the evil queen from the first movie.

While it might seem a tad odd to remove Snow White from a series that’s literally supposed to be all about her, it’s actually not that bad of a move when you really think it over. For one, Stewart arguably doesn’t have the same star power she once did during the heyday of the Twilight films. Moreover, focusing in on Chris Hemsworth character (who was one of the best thing about the first flick any ways) makes a lot of sense from a marketing standpoint now that The Avengers has raised his popularity up a few notches. Granted, you could ask the question of who heck even asked for a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsmen, but that would be bringing logic into the situation and Hollywood generally only speaks in dollars, which the first film did a decent job of raking in.

Source: The Wrap

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