So You Want An Aura…

So You Want An Aura
Written by Sherry “Trai” Carty, 09/20/2004

This write-up is written on the assumption that you want to get through this mission as quickly as possible to get your Aura and not necessarily the experience that could come from doing this mission.

You must be level 30 to be given this mission. It is also possible that you will need to have already completed your cape mission in order to receive this mission as an option from the City Representative.

Since I did this mission at exactly level 30, you may experience different rewards at different levels.

Step One:
Speak to the City Representative in the City Hall of Atlas Park.

She will send you to speak with Professor Smythe of Atlas Park. He’s in the same building.

Step Two:
Jonathan St. John Smythe will reward you with ~1600 experience for finding him and then send you to “Get cybernetic steel” by killing 15 Freakshow.

The fastest way to find Freakshow is to run to the Train nearest to the Atlas Park City Hall and go to Skyway City or Steel Canyon. Since I have Superspeed, I go by way of Skyway City.

Once in Skyway, get to the Talos Island gate. Enter Talos Island. Head South and down the south bridge, eventually you’ll find a few likely hordes of low level Freakshow waiting to be slaughtered.

Step Three:
You will find a clue and receive ~1600 experience when you’ve killed 15 Freakshow. The clue will tell you to “Get plasma cannon charger” by killing 15 Rikti.

The lowest level and easiest Rikti to find and kill are Rikti Monkeys. From Talos Island, head to the Train and hit Brickstown. Go to the Crey’s Folly gate. Enter and swing right. If you aren’t a scrapper or tanker, you’ll probably want to use hover fairly high as you kill the Monkeys. They can only melee you but their melee attacks have a relative long range. (Maybe cause they jump?)

Step Four:
Once you’ve killed 15 Rikti, you will receive ~1600 experience and a clue which tells you to “Get gelatinous goo” by defeating 15 Devouring Earth.

The best way to find these, in my opinion, is to leave Crey’s Folly and head to the Independence Port gate. You’ll find a lot of low level Devouring Earth hanging out around the Terra Volta gate.

Step Five:
When you finish with the Devouring Earth, you’ll be sent to “Take Ingredients to Smythe” in Atlas Park.

The best route for this is to either hit the Kings Row gate and run to the train there to go to Atlas Park. Or go to the Steel Canyon gate and run to the southern Train and take it to Atlas Park.

When you get to Smythe, he’ll reward you with ~1600 experience and ask you to return to your contact. The contact is the City Representative. She will grant you the ability to access aura’s at Icon Store Tailors.

Two Notes
1) All of the kill missions can be done in Crey’s Folly with greater risks, more time and more experience!
2) At level 30, the aura changes cost me 20,000 influence. However, if you want to go to the Tailor and just change the color of the aura you’ve chosen then there is no cost.

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