Some Good News Surfaces Regarding PSN Catastrophe


Every cloud has a silver lining, and here are two ways in which Sony’s PSN disaster isn’t as bad as it could have been – if only slightly.

There’s no question that Sony’s PSN debacle – now including the full breach of all of your private information – is an unmitigated disaster. But Giant Bomb has done some digging to uncover some ways in which it’s somewhat less terrible.

First, Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek got in touch with representatives at both Bank of America and Chase, who informed him that they had not been notified by Sony of any breaches regarding credit-card information. This doesn’t mean that such breaches didn’t happen, of course, but if they did and Sony did not notify banks then it’s in a heap of legal trouble – which makes it less likely than it might have been.

Second, Valve says that anyone who linked their Steam account with PSN to play Portal 2 is not in danger (other than any information lost via PSN, of course). “Steam has nothing to do with the PSN outage,” said a Valve representative. Good thing, too – I was getting worried about my TF2 achievements.

That’s the silver lining, folks – two ways in which this tremendous screw-up is marginally less tremendous than it might have been.

The sad part is that this is the best news Sony might hear all day. Wow, that really puts it all in perspective, huh?

(Giant Bomb)

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