Sonic Colors Designed to Appeal to Mario Fans


He’s not about to start wearing overalls, but that doesn’t mean that Sonic hasn’t learnt a few tricks from a certain mustachioed plumber.

Fifteen years ago, the idea of a Sonic the Hedgehog game on a Nintendo platform seemed ludicrous. But times change and now Sega is designing Sonic games with Nintendo platforms at the forefront of its mind.

In an interview where he talked about the design of various elements in Sonic Colors, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka said that in recent years Sega had been able to introduce a lot of new fans to the Sonic games, and especially Nintendo fans thanks to a number of games made exclusively for the DS and Wii. Iizuka said that Sonic Team had changed the design of Sonic Colors to appeal to this new audience, who he thought might not be familiar with the Sonic brand and gameplay. He was hopeful that people who are more used to playing Mario games would be able to enjoy Colors’ gameplay.

Despite ostensibly being designed with kids in mind, Colors has received a very positive reception from Sonic fans, so it would seem that cribbing a few ideas from Mario has really paid off. Sonic Colors will be available for Wii and DS on November 11th in Australia, November 12th in Europe and November 16th in North America.

Source: IGN

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