Sega has announced Sonic Colors for the Wii and DS in its continued attempt to crush the stubborn hopes of every last remaining Sonic fan on the planet.

You have to almost admire Sega, in a way. The developers are probably as familiar with the infamous Sonic Cycle as gamers are, so this time around they’re just jumping into it: The teaser trailer for the upcoming Sonic Colors (or, as they call it in places that spell everything with an extra “U,” Sounic Colours) proudly displays Sonic the Hedgehog’s new friends right off the bat.

Sonic Colors is set in an “extraordinary amusement park” orbiting the hedgehog’s home planet, where the alien Wisps who “have a unique colorful energy” are being held by Dr. Robotnik. Or Eggman, if that’s what they’re calling him these days. Sonic must help the Wisps escape by using their alien powers, because that’s just what he does.

“The vibrant alien world of Sonic Colors enables players to race at top speed through incredible looking planets, each with their own unique visual style,” says Sega’s Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “In addition to the classic Sonic game play style, the colorful new Wisp power ups offer a fresh new way of exploring these worlds and helps make Sonic faster than ever before!”

Sorry, Mr. Knight, but I’m just not ready to drink the Kool-Aid. I loved the old Sonic titles as much as anyone, but until the game comes out and is proven to be good, I just can’t get excited anymore. I’ll hope for the best, but color (har har) me skeptical for now.

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