SonicWALL, Inc., a company that provides security, backup and recovery solutions, confirmed its Unified Threat Management technology protects its users against malware targeted at World of Warcraft players.

SonicWALL began providing this protection in October, 2006, and has been updating signatures on a continual basis as more variants of malware designed to steal in-game assets are created.

The vulnerability in Windows is exploited by installing key-logging software on players’ computers that allows hackers to obtain players’ account passwords. Users of SonicWALL’s dynamic threat protection services are protected by the signatures: WOW.PU, WOW.JE, WOW.QG, WOW.ET, WOW.dldr.1, WOW.ES, WOW.dldr.2, Wow, Spy.WOW-53, Spy.WOW-39, and Spy.WOW-38.

Alex Dubrovsky of SonicWALL’s security center said, “Although the malware currently only targets game players, it’s important to protect against it in the workplace, since keystroke loggers bring risks into a business network.”

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