Sony’s not about to say why it’s asking, but it’s asking.

“The Sony Entertainment Network team routinely monitors for any irregular activity, and if such activity is detected, we may sometimes reset passwords of affected accounts to protect consumers and their account information,” Sony’s email to some unfortunate PSN customers reads. “Your account password was recently reset as part of this process.” That means you’ll need to make a new one as soon as you access your account. Sony has yet to confirm why it’s sent this message to customers, except that it’s not related to “an attack on, [or] a vulnerability in, our data servers.”

Sony has every reason to be cautious when it comes to network security issues, after the disasters of 2011. We already know that the influx of new users has caused PSN to wobble, and it’s not surprising if, as part of that problem, PSN throws up odd security issues. At least this time it’s telling people what’s going on, which is an improvement over last time.

With luck, the situation will ease in the new year. In the meantime, Sony encourages you “to keep a close eye on your account for any unusual activity including emails about transactions you did not perform.”

Source: GamesIndustry International

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