The similarities between green onions and the PlayStation 3 are astounding once pointed out.

The PlayStation 3 can do a lot, including playing both games and Blu-ray movies. Green onions are a delicious addition to many meals. They’re so similar! That’s the basic premise behind a new ad campaign for the PlayStation 3 in Japan.

The campaign may be a little lost in translation, but it’s still pretty funny. Multiple Sony advertisements pit a PlayStation 3 up against a talking bundle of green onions, with the PlayStation 3 telling it how much it can do (translated by Andriasang, where more ads are available for viewing). It actually makes sense when you consider that Sony advertises the PlayStation 3 with the line “It only does everything,” and green onions are widely used in cooking. I didn’t say it’s not still weird.

One ad has competing features of the PlayStation 3 going up against recipes that use green onions. The PlayStation 3 says how it can do 3D, and can be used as a DVR. Oh yeah? Well a green onion can be put into rice, soup, and even crab cakes!

No matter what you think about the ad campaign, you can’t say that Sony’s advertising wizards lack creativity. Strangely enough, the comparison of a PlayStation 3 to a green onion is actually more normal than the ads used in the past. Could green onions be the Kevin Butler of Japan?

Via: Andriasang

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