After Sony’s keynote speech at TGS, details about online plans for the PS3 remain hazy.

While Sony clarified Japan launch details and discussed the future of networking and community, details on the Playstation Network Platform were not forthcoming at the press event held in Tokyo. Wired asked Sony’s Kaz Hirai about the mention that older games would be available for download to the system. “It’s not something we’re having ready for day one or anything. It’s more like something they’re looking into doing,” responded Hirai.

With recent speculation surrounding Xfire support, Gamespy and SOE’s online framework development, Sony remains silent on what the PS3 will have at launch to compete with Xbox Live. Neversoft, the developers behind the Tony Hawk series and first supporters of the PS2’s online initiative, have recently claimed that they have “no indication of how the online components will work on PS3” and do not plan to bring Tony Hawk’s Project 8 online for the PS3 launch.

Resistance: Fall of Man will support 40 players online at launch, but Insomniac Games has not discussed overall integration with any Sony services.

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