Sony Has No Plans for a “New PlayStation Experience”


Sony has no plans to completely revamp the PS3 interface like Microsoft did last year with their New Xbox Experience.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s the philosophy Sony is taking in regards to their PS3 XrossMediaBar interface. They have no plans to institute some wide-scale revision of the way their interface looks or functions like Microsoft did when it updated the Xbox 360’s firmware with the New Xbox Experience.

“What we find is that people really like our current interface,” Sony director of network operations David Lempel said. “We did redesign the PlayStation Store last April to make some improvements, make it faster, make it better, and we’re always listening to consumers. But right now the XMB is an Emmy Award-winning interface and people like it.”

Since when did the Emmys give out awards to videogame console interfaces? Well, I’m not complaining. XMB’s elegant, easy to use and looks pretty damn slick, so I’m happy with it. Nevertheless, Sony is still looking to make some changes to the system. “We’ll still do some research behind the scenes and see what can we do to make things better, or how can we make it so consumers find content faster, but right now we’re pretty happy with it,” Lumpel said. “No plans right now to do anything like what the competitor has done.”

So if you were afraid that XMB and PlayStation Home would collide into some virtual world game interface amalgam, rest easy. The PS3 interface is here to stay.

[Via CVG]
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