Sony Maintains PS3 Shipment Targets


Despite manufacturing issues and lower than expect launch numbers, Sony still believes they will hit 2 million units shipped worldwide this year.

According to Reuters, Sony has no plans to change its shipping estimates for this year. “It is true that it took us some time to bring the PS3 to mass production as blue laser availability worked as a bottleneck,” said Sony President Ryoji Chubachi. “But 2 million and 6 million are within our reach.” The 6 million figure refers to March, 2007.

According to NPD, the PS3 sold 197,000 units in November. In the US market alone, Sony believes they will have 1 million units “in the pipeline” by the end of the year. If the NPD figures are correct, Sony still has roughly 800,000 units to create and ship in December.

Recent PS3 sales numbers out of Japan estimate roughly 187,000 PS3 units sold so far.

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