Sony has officially partnered with the new, independent Kojima Productions.

The rumors are true. Kojima has indeed left Konami, and has established Kojima Productions as his own, independent studio. What’s more, he has officially partnered with Sony, and will produce a Sony exclusive franchise.

In the announcement video to the right, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House appears with Kojima, who confirms pretty much all of the things we have been hearing so far. We don’t know exactly how long and for how many titles this partnership between Sony and Kojima Productions will last, but Sony was able to confirm that the very first game produced by Kojima’s new studio will be “console exclusive” to the PS4.

As for Kojima Productions itself, a fairly bare bones website has gone up, and a press release naming Hideo Kojima as its leader has been sent out.

This looks like a case of Kojima having a very, very strict gag-order from Konami as part of his contract termination, meaning he wasn’t able to formally announce any of this until right at this moment.

Great news for fans of Kojima’s work, but it is a tad shame that his new games will go back to being exclusive to the PS4…

Source: Sony

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