Five first-party titles announced to mark “a time when the PSP system continues to lead the market as the ultimate in portable gaming and entertainment.”

“The PSP is our fastest growing format ever,” says Sony’s Peter Dille. “With the introduction of this ‘Greatest Hits’ selection, consumers can check out some of the best-selling titles that have made the system such a success.”

“As the library of PSP games continues to grow,” he continues, “The ‘Greatest Hits’ offer a variety of titles ideal for gaming on the go – all at a great value.” The games will retail for $19.99, and are available starting today. The first five titles are:

– Ape Escape
– ATV Offroad Fury
– Hot Shots Golf
– Twisted Metal
– Wipeout Pure

More than a dozen third-party games are expected to be added to the Greatest Hits list in future.

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