A major firmware update for the PS3 was announced today that should raise its esteem among those who own 1080p HDTVs, previous iterations of the console – and Epson printers.

The European division of Sony Computer Entertainment announced today in a press statement the release of new firmware that will allow 1080p upscaling on the PlayStation 3, for PS 1 and PS2 games as well as DVDs.

The question of upscaling, de-interlacing and quarreling over the “true” HD format has fueled much of the console wars in this generation. Previous speculation centered on whether the PS3 contained a built-in hardware upscaler, but the announcement did not indicate whether firmware update would enable that upscaler or was instead a software solution.

Also significant in the latest 1.80 firmware release are the multimedia enhancements clearly aimed at solidifying the console’s image as the ultimate home-based multimedia platform. PS3 owners will now have access to internet play on the PlayStation Portable device, a home network to share files with PCs and network compatibility with certain Epson printers.

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