The PS3 is getting its very first Monster Hunter title through a Sony initiative that’ll revamp PSP games for the console.

Sony has announced a new series of PlayStation 3 games called the PSP Remaster lineup which doesn’t need much explanation. The company is revamping titles originally developed for the PSP and bringing them to the PS3. Pretty simple.

Of course, these games won’t be making the trek from handheld to console unscathed. Varying depending on title, Sony will be upgrading PSP Remaster games’ visuals, adding exclusive PS3 features, 3D support, Dual Shock controller support, and allowing for save data to be shared from PSP to PS3. These titles will be sold both on Blu-ray and as downloads.

The first game to become a Remaster is a smart choice. Sony is teaming up with Capcom to transform the PSP’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd into Monster Hunter Portable HD. Portable 3rd was never released outside of Japan, but that hasn’t stopped it from already selling millions of copies. Japan loves it some Monster Hunter.

Andriasang reports that the announcement wording hints PSP Remaster games could be released worldwide, but there’s currently no word on whether or not Capcom will localize Monster Hunter Portable HD for regions other than Japan. The game’s trailer shows a smooth HD visual upgrade, it’ll be playable online through the PS3’s Ad Hoc Party mode, and not having to use the “claw” to play the game is like a godsend for any PSP Monster Hunter player, so I hope non-Japanese gamers get it eventually. The Wii’s Monster Hunter Tri is fun, but it’s not in HD, damn it!

No other PSP Remaster titles have been announced at this time. Monster Hunter Portable HD is scheduled for release in Summer 2011.

Source: Andriasang

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