Metro: Last Light group shot

Though it doesn’t hit shelves until tomorrow, Sony is already advertising a discount on post-apocalyptic survival horror shooter Metro: Last Light.

Were you a fan of 4A Games’ Metro 2033? You should be. Though it never received the attention of a Halo sequel, Metro 2033 was a very solid, extremely atmospheric shooter that relied on a legitimately spooky setting to generate tension, instead of simply tossing cheap jump scares at players every time they walked by an unassuming window. Its sequel, Metro: Last Light, hits shelves on May 14 (tomorrow), and all reports indicate that it improves on its predecessor in almost every important way.

Great, right? Hold on, don’t get too excited just yet. I haven’t even covered the best bit.

When Last Light makes it retail debut, it will feature the standard $60 price tag. However, those of you with subscriptions to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service will be able to pick up Metro: Last Light at a 20-percent discount. That’s only $48.

Granted, there are a few minor caveats. First, you’ll need the hard drive space to download and store the title. Sony’s discount doesn’t affect games purchased at retail, only from its PlayStation Network Store. Second, that PlayStation Plus subscription isn’t exactly gratis. The cheapest way to subscribe to the service is via its one year subscription, which will set you back $50. There’s also a three month subscription option available for $18, but that works out to be the more expensive option.


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