Sony Sued Over PS3-Destroying Firmware 3.0


Sony is being served with a class-action lawsuit over its poorly-received 3.0 firmware update, which is said to have “irreparably damaged” thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles.

Some might say the launch of the mandatory firmware 3.0 was bungled at best, with PS3 owners reporting that certain games like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune no longer worked (among other issues). Sony attempted a quick fix with another update, version 3.01, but it looks like the new patch wasn’t enough to stop the company from being hit with a class-action lawsuit, reports Courthouse News.

Thousands of Sony PlayStation 3 owners say they downloaded a mandatory software update that irreparably damaged their machines, causing the consoles to freeze and the controllers to stop working. In a federal class action against Sony Computer Entertainment America, disgruntled gamers say their PS3s crashed after they installed Firmware 3.0, which Sony claimed would add “a number of great new features” and “changes that improve navigation on (their) PS3.”

The lawsuit further alleges that the followup “fix” update (which, despite what Courthouse News says, did not come out “months” after 3.0’s early September release) resulted in further problems, rendering Blu-Ray drives inoperable. According to lead plaintiff John Kennedy, Sony told him it would cost him $150 to repair his broken console.

Kennedy and the other members of the class-action suit are demanding “declaratory relief, compensation and restitution for breach of implied warranty, negligence and unjust enrichment.”

(Via Edge)

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