The teaser website for a mystery Sony game features an odd mixture of imagery.

Quite honestly, sometimes the Japanese come up with ideas so unique that the rest of the world would dub them “weird.” Sony is certainly no stranger to the strange, having published games such as Patapon, LocoRoco, and Flow in recent years. An upcoming game that Sony is teasing with a new website looks like it’ll be more realistic than those titles, but is still raising plenty of eyebrows.

The website, found here, shows a man wearing a tuxedo sitting in a darkened room with the shadow of his hat masking his eyes. Two more fancily-dressed men are standing near him, one with a raised arm as if he’s smoking, but both of their faces are hidden in the darkness.

The image gives the initial impression that Sony has something Mafia-like in the works, except for the fact that the sitting man has a large basket of yarn next to him and is knitting. That’s correct: While he looks like he might be ordering the other two men to perform a hit, or making them an offer they can’t refuse, he’s also getting his crochet on and could be creating a hand-made Sackboy.

So what the heck is Sony teasing here? It’s currently unknown, but the website’s top says “amimono” which means knitting or knitwear in Japanese, so you would think that the hobby has something to do with whatever will be announced. The site’s countdown timer will be up on September 2 at midnight, so we’ll definitely find out then, but these things typically have a way of leaking early so I’ll be keeping an eye out.

[UPDATE]Siliconera has apparently determined that this is probably a teaser for the Japanese release of LittleBigPlanet 2, as the LBP 2 logo and an image of Sackboy are embedded in the Flash code. I guess the Godfather really is knitting a Sackboy.

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