Sony has come up with a new ad featuring the inimitable, smooth-talking Kevin Butler and like its $299 PS3 spot, this one is a winner.

After years of confusing the hell out of us with ads featuring super-creepy baby dolls, Sony finally knocked one out of the park with the campaign for the $299 PS3 Slim featuring Kevin Butler, Sony’s Direct of Rumor Confirmation. Butler, a sort of “executive of all trades,” has apparently been given a promotion to Vice President of Big Action Moments and he’s got some advice for the hapless gamer whose girlfriend has the upcoming Uncharted 2 confused with a movie.

Will Uncharted 2 really be that good? I don’t know and I don’t think it really matters; what’s important is that V.P. Butler is on the case. Butler, who in his spare time works under the guise of actor Jerry Lambert, has been a gold mine for Sony: He sees the facts, he speaks the truth and no-one can escape his harsh, uncompromising glare. He even has his own Facebook group. Who knew effective advertising could be so simple?

Source: Ars Technica

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