Stan Lee has hinted that Marvel’s most magical mofo will be the star of an upcoming movie.

While it’s currently rumored that the Flash will be the star of a new DC Comics superhero movie, Marvel’s next big announcement could involve a master of the mystical arts. At this weekend’s Wizard World Anaheim convention, Stan Lee made some strong statements implying that Doctor Strange will be coming to the big screen.

As reported by Superhero Hype, when asked about new Marvel characters that could become stars of the cinema, Lee said: “Doctor Strange, they will [get to it] pretty soon.” For those unaware of Doctor Strange, he’s a badass magician known as the “Sorcerer Supreme” that wields the powerful Eye of Agamotto, though technically he recently passed the mantle on to another. Marvel currently also has Captain America and Avengers movies known to be in the works.

Lee later said about the Doctor Strange movie: “I’d like to see a great movie come out of it. Doctor Strange is somewhat different from all the others. With the nightmares and the other conventions, it’ll give them a chance to have some great special effects and a slightly different type of hero.” Doctor Strange might not be as popular as Spider-Man or Batman, but a decent movie could come out of his adaptation. Would he be able to carry a blockbuster on his own though?

Source: Superhero Hype via io9

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