SouthPeak Sues Majesco for Custody of My Baby


Exactly who has the North American distribution rights to My Baby? SouthPeak is taking Majesco to court in order to find out.

If SouthPeak Games was a kid on the playground, it would probably be the one who gets into fights with its classmates all the time. The publisher has recently become embroiled in a number of lawsuits &mdash mainly with CDV about who owes who money &mdash but the latest courtroom drama is with Majesco over the My Baby license.

SouthPeak has filed suit against Majesco about who has the legal right to publish My Baby games in the United States. Majesco issued a statement last month about how it would be publishing My Baby 3 & Friends, something that SouthPeak found legally objectionable.

“We are exceptionally proud of our success in making the My Baby franchise a leader in the North American market,” said SouthPeak about the legal drama. “Our innovative sales, marketing and PR strategies brought My Baby to a huge audience and built a loyal fan base for future products. SouthPeak continues to hold the rights to subsequent My Baby games and we intend to vigorously protect those rights.”

Exactly who has the rights to publish the game here in North America is something that will apparently have to be determined by the courts. Meanwhile, French developer Nobilis Games (the company that actually owns the My Baby IP) is staying quiet on the whole matter.

Earlier this week, SouthPeak announced that it had acquired a $5.5 million investment. It seems likely that the money came at an opportune time, seeing as how all this courtroom drama for the publisher isn’t likely to be cheap.

Source: Joystiq

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