When little blocky alien bugs appear in the sky above, there’s only one thing to do – grab your old Atari joystick.

If there is one thing that can bring humans of all nationalities, faiths and beliefs together, it’s that we all hate those damn dirty aliens. Those blasted aliens are always invading our planet and trying to steal our resources/money/labor/women/etc. So it’s high time that we started acting like a Will Smith/Duke Nukem hybrid and fought back.

At least, that’s the plot of this short silly video by Jeremiah J Warren, anyway. The aliens from Space Invaders show up menacingly in the air above a city, and one gamer must fight back with his old Atari. I bet collectors are just waiting years for an event exactly like this to happen.

There’s not much substance to it, but the music and presentation make the little short kind of epic in its own bizarre way. If an alien invasion of Earth really does happen one day, I’d much rather it look like this than, say, the one in Independence Day.

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