Spanish Indie Crowdfunder Takes Its Candle To Wii U

Nintendo’s eager to get third party games on its next gen console.

Developers Teku Studios, a seven-strong Spanish team, have had a lot of success with the Kickstarter for its puzzler Candle, a game in the tradition of Abe’s Oddysee; so much success that it’s hit an unusual stretch goal: a Wii U port. “We love Nintendo platforms since our childhood has been full of them, so it was natural for us to go for it,” says Teku Studios. “We are already thinking about dedicated gameplay on Wii U; we are not doing any kind of quick port.” The gamepad will get new features to play with, and the game’s menu, inventory and minigames will all be controlled on the touchscreen. The Wii U version might not be available when Candle launches on other platforms, Teku Studios warns, but it will be out there as soon as possible.

Candle tells the story of Teku, a shaman pupil who’s trying to rescue the survivors of his village, dispersed after an enemy tribe attacked. He’ll be discovering long forgotten truths along the way, but the main mechanic here is the candle of the title, which Teku will be using to help solve puzzles and explore areas. Teku’s candle will also have special Wii U mechanics, but the developers aren’t about to say what those will be yet. It’s not entirely unknown for an independent studio to get the Wii U nod from Nintendo – as long as it isn’t Japanese – and Nintendo’s even gone so far as to encourage smartphone game developers to port to the Wii U. Anything to help sales, which have failed to hit forecast targets by a significant margin.

If you’re interested in Candle, the Kickstarter still has a few more hours on the clock. The projected release date is January 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux, with a potential Steam release if it gets the Greenlight. The Wii U version will follow at some point after that.

Source: Candle

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