The Desert to Sea Bundle contains three 2K Games titles at a very low price.

Spec Ops: The Line was anticipated as a wildly different take on modern military shooter, but sadly the sales figures for the title weren’t what 2K Games hoped for. The lack of sales for the critically acclaimed game may be disappointing, but it does allow one small silver lining for anyone who couldn’t pick it up on release: near-immediate discount sales. The most impressive of these has recently appeared on Amazon, where 2K Games provided a heavy discount to its “Desert to Sea” Bundle. The pack contains Spec Ops: The Line and the entire Bioshock franchise with a 78% discount, bringing the total to mere $20.

Thematically, there’s actually quite an appropriate amount of overlap between the two franchises, even though one takes place in a desert and the other under the ocean. Bioshock and Spec Ops both feature an outsider protagonist, a civilization that has collapsed under the weight of its own opulence, a misguided villain who only wanted the best for society, and most importantly, a critical examination of the entire concept of player agency.

The Desert to Sea Bundle is a digital Amazon sale that will provide the buyer with Steam codes to all three games, allowing them to download and play at their leisure. The pack normally sells for about $90 dollars so if you don’t happen to have all three games already, or even if you have just two of them, this certainly makes for a high-value sale.

Source: Amazon

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