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I must either be living under a rock or I’ve just ignored Apple Arcade completely. Case in point: I have only now discovered the existence of WayForward‘s Spidersaurs, which launched on the platform three years ago. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a 2D co-op run-and-gun adventure featuring dino-spider hybrids. Thankfully, the title is no longer confined to Apple. WayForward has blessed us with a Spidersaurs announcement trailer for PC and consoles, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC this spring.

Spiders + Dinosaurs = Spidersaurs, Now for Consoles & PC!

Check out the new console / PC announcement trailer for Spidersaurs from WayForward:

Can you get any better than this Spidersaurs consoles and PC announcement? The cheesy narration. The unbelievable plot. An ’80s-inspired theme song. Oh, and the gameplay looks fun, too.

WayForward is calling this the definitive release of Spidersaurs, as it contains bonuses like an all-new stage, a true final boss, a new ending, two extra difficulty settings, and two fresh unlockable modes (arcade mode and speedrun mode). These additions, plus balance adjustments, will be added to the Apple Arcade version as well.

Also, this game is from the same developers that created the incredible DS title, Contra 4. Therefore, it has to be good. It doesn’t hurt the premise reminds me of Capcom’s Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, either. Now there’s a throwback!

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