Splatoon is Getting a New Ranked Mode Tomorrow

splatoon tower control

In “Tower Control”, both teams will fight for control of a central tower which they have to “ride” into their opponent’s goal.

So Splatoon has proven itself to be an amazing little game, despite being an online shooter and a new IP – two things that Nintendo usually doesn’t do. The most fun you can have is easily in the game’s ranked mode, but the default “Splat Zones” mode, that is, fighting for control of a specific area of the map, are starting to get a bit old.

Thankfully, Nintendo is adding a new kind of ranked battle into the rotation tomorrow – “Tower Control”. In Tower Control, a tower will spawn in the center of the map, which both teams rush to control. If only members of your team are standing on the tower, it’ll start to move towards your opponent’s goal. If you make it all the way to the goal, you’ll win with a knockout victory, but if neither team has reached the goal by the end of the time limit, then whoever is closest wins.

It’s a crazy kind of tug-of-war mode that, unlike Splat Zones and of course the unranked Turf War mode, seems to focus more on killing your opponents rather than painting the terrain.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Splatoon news, you’d know that Tower Control was one of the new game modes revealed in the massive datamine of the game last month, alongside the “Rainmaker” mode.

Tower Control goes live tomorrow, on 7/1 at 7 PM PT.

Source: Splatoonus Blog

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