I pity the fool that don’t send my non-denominational holiday cards. Sucka.

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, sending out seasonal greeting cards to friends and loved ones around the holidays is an age-old tradition. If you’re like me, hokey cards adorned with X-mas trees, bubble lights, snowy scenes, and angels just won’t do. Instead, nothing says holiday cheer quite like a card plastered with the shirtless, Mohawk-toting Mr. T smiling brighter than the 50 lbs of gold chains and bling he’s wearing.

Created by Californian pop artist Brandon Bird, the masterful T-mas cards come in two entertaining varieties. The “Peace on Earth” card sports a cheerful Mr. T delivering the “OK” sign and tastefully reads “Wishing you the very best this holiday season” on the inside. The “Believe” card has a picture of house draped with X-mas lights that show the face of Mr. T. Inside, they read “Whatever your faith or creed, may the season fill you with brightness and joy.”

Bird has plenty of other entertaining art and purchasable items on his site – including the Law & Order: An Adventure to Color coloring book – but the T-mas cards are a must at the affordable price of $10 (plus shipping) for a pack of five cards. Quit that jibber jabber and get holiday spiriting.

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