Square Enix and Platinum Games Making New Nier Sequel

Square Enix has announced a new sequel to the 2010 RPG Nier under development by Platinum Games.

Square Enix, in an announcement at its E3 press conference today, has revealed plans for a sequel to the 2010 game Nier.

The new sequel, currently under development by Platinum Games, was unveiled in a brief trailer. The game, according to Square Enix, is still very early on in its development. That sad, the company along with its compatriots at Platinum and director Yoko Taro, confirmed that a goal of the team is to expand and improve on the action RPG gameplay of the original title. The game will apparently also have a subtitle that Square Enix is keeping secret for the time being.

The original Nier, of course, followed the quest of the title character to find a cure for the Black Scrawl, a deadly disease afflicting his daughter. It received mixed reviews overall but nonetheless won over many critics and gamers with its deep story and multiple endings.

While Square Enix wasn’t able to offer any sort of release window, it has promised to reveal more information in “Fall 2015.”

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