Yoichi Wada may be a man of stature, but that doesn’t mean he’s above fitting in a hardcore gaming session.

Yoichi Wada must be a busy man, being the president and CEO of Square Enix and all. Not surprisingly, and thankfully, he does take time out of his busy schedule to actually play some videogames. In one of Wada’s recent weekly columns he writes: “I try out the latest game software. Even with Dragon Quest IX, I spent 30 hours in the four days after its release.”

Assuming my math is correct, and I redid my calculations multiple times to make sure, that amounts to 7.5 hours a day. So, not only is Wada the head of one of the most prominent developers and publishers in the world, he can apparently also throw down a hardcore gaming session when necessary.

As for the reasoning behind this, Wada understands that it is important to know his own company’s games. He also writes: “It’s not just because I like games. It’s because I’m seeing what type of game was a hit, how its play style has changed, and thinking about making next generation games while playing.” To all you residents of Japan out there, next time you see Yoichi Wada on the train you should tap him on the shoulder and maybe he’ll play a multiplayer session of Dragon Quest IX with you. You never know, you could be aiding in the design of Dragon Quest X.

Source: Andriasang

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