1) Many players enjoy the ability to customize and create an original character that stands apart from the crowd. What plans does Square-Enix have to allow for more character customization?

With Chains of Promathia, there will be even more features to try! We also added a variety of new equipment. Be sure to try them out!

2) Players love the ability to play their favorite jobs in the higher levels. Many players have already hit level 75 with their “main jobs”. Square-Enix has stated multiple times that there are no immediate plans for a level cap increase, but are there plans to eventually increase that cap later on down the road or is 75 going to be as high a level as you can get in FFXI?

We currently have no plans to increase the level cap.
In Vanafdiel, there seems to be a current trend of players trying to increase their stats by simply leveling up. We want to encourage people to realize the maximum potential of each level by experimenting with various battle tactics and equipment. Basically, we want our characters to increase their abilities through other means than simple leveling. The merit point system, which was just introduced, will include growth elements for every character. Even with the release of Chains of Promathia, we intend to push gameplay in this direction. However, if necessary, we will consider raising the level cap.

3) Very little has been released regarding what the new expansion will add for existing jobs. How will “Chain’s of Promathia” affect the current jobs? Will there possibly be new skills, spells, and abilities?

Yes. Additional abilities, magic, and ninjutsu abilities are under consideration, and there will be balance adjustments in battle as well. Expect great things to come!

4) Are there any plans that you can share with the players regarding the addition of new jobs?

At this time, there are no plans to implement new jobs.

5) In a interview with FFO WarCry, lead producer Hiromichi Tanaka stated that there will be a plethora of new monsters added with the new expansion. Should we expect to see completely new monster models or will most monsters be different versions of monsters already in the game?

New graphics and models are used on all the new monster types.
Did you have a chance to see the Chains of Promathia information site? (http://www.playonline.com/ff11us/promathia/) From this site, you can see a sample of upcoming monsters–but this is only a taste of things to come. Expect to see many more in the final release.

6) Having to manually sort your inventory seems to be a bit redundant. Are there currently plans to implement an auto-sort feature that would allow players to not be forced to manually sort their inventory?

The auto-sort feature is a good idea, but since we want players to always be aware of what they are carrying, this feature will not be introduced. Another thing to think about is if the auto-sort feature were actually in place, it could spread the use of illegal macros, which would disrupt the balance of Vana’diel. Looking at the situation from this angle, we decided not to include the auto-sort feature.

7) How many new missions can players expect to see with the new expansion?

Missions in Chains of Promathia will be completely different from the current nation missions. The storyline will be independent and the volume of these missions will be as great as the three other nationsf combined. Trust me–the story will be as addictive as it was when you first started FINAL FANTASY XI!

8) Exactly how does the SMN “summoning” skill affect avatars?

The summoning skill affects the chance of interruption when a spell is being cast, as well as the casting time of summoned spirits (i.e. Earth Spirit, Water Spirit, etc.).

9) How soon can players expect to see the “job balancing” that Square-Enix has stated they are working on? Many jobs now are overshadowed by more powerful jobs and thus are harder to find parties with.

We are aware that some of the jobs need balance adjustments. Since balance adjustments affect the gameplay drastically, careful planning and testing are necessary. We are taking everyonefs opinions and requests into consideration for adjustments not only in battle tactics or weapon skills, but also in balancing Worlds, abilities, equipment, items, monsters, and monster placement to utilize each job’s abilities.

10) Are there any plans to possibly integrate Tetra Master into FFXI? Sometimes you must wait for hours in Jeuno searching for a party, and it would be fantastic if players could play Tetra Master while still being in FFXI so that they can search for a party?

Currently, there are no plans to allow players to play Tetra Master directly from the world of Vana’diel.

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