Square-Enix Q&A Response: June 2004

Square-Enix Q&A Response: June 2004

1) Are there any plans to implement an open PvP game aspect, possibly
something like a consensual coliseum where players could duel each other? -Eint

We are planning to implement additional Conflict events, but we’re not
discussing that publicly yet. For now, we’re looking for ways to enhance
Ballista even further, making it an enjoyable experience for all
participants. However, if there are a lot of requests from players regarding
a certain feature (such as the abovementioned coliseum), we might think
about adding such an event.

2) Are there any plans to increase the physical melee damage done by an
avatar summoned by a summoner? -Blacky

We are planning this change among others as we further balance the game.
Increasing avatars? Melee damage will be just one of many tweaks.

3) Does player level have any effect on drop rates from monsters? (excluding
Treasure Hunter) -Zeron

No, player levels do not affect drop rate.

4) Will you ever expand (as in, add to or change) current zones? I’m mostly
referring to cities. In real life, cities evolve over time, will new areas,
buildings or garden areas ever be added to existing cities? -Chadness

Although this is an interesting idea, we have no plans to add new buildings
or shops to existing cities. In order to make such a change, we would also
have to modify the residents of the cities? and this would be extremely
difficult. However, we do plan on adding additional areas in the future;
perhaps passageways to new areas may open up in unexpected places!

5) Do you have any plans to optimize FFXI for DirectX API (for example
allowing Anti-Aliasing). -Ileria

We have no plans to optimize FINAL FANTASY XI for the DirectX API.

6) Can we expect to see dynamis for lower leveled characters (ex.lvl 1-20)? -Mav

We currently have no plans to create a Dynamis area balanced for lower-level
characters. However, like the level 20 Orb Battles implemented in the
previous version update, we plan to continue adding more features tailored
for lower-level adventurers.

7) Will the effects of food ever be listed on the item’s description? -Vanime

We currently have no plans to display food effects in the item description.
We feel that the size of the text box would be insufficient to contain both
the text description and the food effect. We also think that listing the
effects would take the surprise out of consuming the food in the first

8) As mentioned before: What status (if any) effect Steal and Mug success
(Dex, Agi,Int,etc..) -Xarddrax

The success rate of Steal and Mug is affected by certain equipment, and
is not affected by attributes.

9) Are there any plans to modify specific subjobs to allow for more viable
combinations? For example, Paladins are basically restricted to only subbing
Warrior and still being a viable character. -Eint

We currently have no plans to add special changes depending on combinations
of main and support jobs. We understand that some players want to try out
different combinations, but we also want players to realize the role that
each job plays in a party. Selections such as the paladin-warrior
combination have become common, but this is, to some degree, intentional.

We will continue to make adjustments to all jobs at all levels in order to
make battles at all stages of the game more exciting. Who knows, these
adjustments may just pave the way for new job combinations!

Brad “Maotut” Wilcox

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