LEGO Marvel Super Heroes won’t only feature an iconic comic book writer; it’s also making him one of its most powerful playable characters.

Stan Lee has always been a highly recognizable figure in the superhero world. Comic book fans have long considered him a co-creator of almost every major Marvel Universe character, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, and more. These days, moviegoing audiences know him as “that guy with cameos in all those Marvel movies”, a trend now extending into the world of videogames. Traveller’s Tales recently revealed that Stan “The Man” Lee will make a very special appearance in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, the game featuring every popular superhero he once wrote for. And we’re not talking about a small NPC cameo appearance either; Stan Lee will be a playable character that adopts the powers of his many creations.

As fun as it may be to imagine a playable character using every conceivable superpower, in practice that’s probably too unwieldy for a LEGO game. Given how Traveller’s Tales usually designs LEGO characters, it’s more likely that powers will be swapped out with alternate character models, just like the suit-switching mechanic from LEGO Batman. If you feel like playing Lee with mutant-based laser eyes, you’ll activate the Cyclops powerset. If you want Lee to crush that puny Loki, you’d activate the Hulk, and so on. If that’s the case, I imagine each power will be unlocked as you make in-game progress, or all at once post-credits for anyone planning a second playthrough.

While I’m personally more interested in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes‘ custom character designer, LEGO Stan Lee should still be an amusing diversion for the finished game. We’ll find out when it finally launches in October for all current platforms, with PS4 and Xbox One releases following in November.

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